The MacArthur Scale of Subjective Social Status

Measure DescriptionSource of measure Adler, N., & Stewart, J. (2007). The MacArthur scale of subjective social status. MacArthur Research Network on SES & Health. Retrieved from http://www. macses. ucsf. edu/Research/Psychosocial/subjective. php.
Mode of administration Self-report
Age range for useAdults
Domains AssessedSubjective sense of social status. Two ladders: one assesses socio-economic status, and the other assesses one's standing in the community.
Related Measures
BurdenTraining needed to administerNone
Minutes to complete5
# of items2 ladders
Adaptation for AIAN useAdaptedNo
Developer allows adaptation?Contact developer
Used with AIAN populations?Yes
AIAN: Cronbach's alpha rangeNot yet available
AIAN: Evidence of validityNot yet available
Other populations: Cronbach's alpha rangeTest-retest reliability was p = 0.62 (Operario, Adler, & Williams, 2004).
Other populations: Evidence of validityConvergent validity: subjective social status, measured by the Macurther Scale, relates significantly to self-reported income, education, and health (Operario, Adler, & Williams, 2004).
SourceDeveloperMacArthur Research Network on SES and Health
SummaryComments about sensitivity to changeN/A
General remarks