Behavioral Assessment System for Children

Measure DescriptionSource of measure Reynolds & Kamphaus, 2002
Mode of administration Parent report, Teacher report
Age range for use2-18 yrs
Domains AssessedAggression, Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Depression, Somaticization, Attention Problems, Atypicality, Withdrawal, Adaptability, Social Skills
Related Measures
BurdenTraining needed to administerNone for administration, Parent/teacher report, MA or equivalent training/experience to interpret
Minutes to complete 20
# of items 100
Cost$139, plus $1.50/form
Adaptation for AIAN useAdaptedNot needed
Developer allows adaptation?No
Used with AIAN populations?Yes
AIAN: Cronbach's alpha rangeNot yet available
AIAN: Evidence of validityNot yet available
Other populations: Cronbach's alpha rangeA majority of BASC components have internal consistency above .80 (Flanagan, 1994); the average is .80, and internal consistency rises to .90 in adolescence (Sandoval & Echandia, 1994)
Other populations: Evidence of validityThe BASC manual reports that scale scores are predictive of clinical subgroups. The BASC demonstrates convergent validity with many other teacher-, parent-, and self-report measures of child behavior (Sandoval & Echandia, 1994).
SummaryComments about sensitivity to change
General remarksOur community partners examined the items on both BASC and CBCL. They determined the BASC was more culturally appropriate.