Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)

Measure DescriptionSource of measure FACES, LaParo & Pianto, 2003
Mode of administration Observer Report
Age range for use Toddler, Pre-K, K-3, Upper Elementary
Domains Assessed Assesses the quality of the classroom environment - not intended for use in homes
Related Measures
BurdenTraining needed to administer 2 day training plus annual reliability testing
Minutes to complete a minimum of 4 20 minute cycles must be observed, requires a minimum of 10 minute coding to follow each cycle
# of items
Adaptation for AIAN useAdapted No
Developer allows adaptation? No
Used with AIAN populations? Yes
AIAN: Cronbach's alpha rangeNot yet available
AIAN: Evidence of validityNot yet available
Other populations: Cronbach's alpha range
Other populations: Evidence of validity
SummaryComments about sensitivity to change
General remarks