Home Visit Rating Scales—Adapted and Extended to Excellence (HOVRS-­A+) v2.0

Measure DescriptionSource of measure Roggman, L.A., Cook, G.A., Innocenti, M.S., Jump Norman, V.K., Christiansen, K., Boyce, L.K., Aikens, N., Boller, K., Paulsell, D., & Hallgren, K. (2012). Home Visit Rating Scales--‐Adapted & Extended: (HOVRS--‐A+).Unpublished measure.
Mode of administration Observation of home visit
Age range for useBirth to 5 years
Domains AssessedHome Visit Practices, Family Engagement
Related Measures
BurdenTraining needed to administerTraining needed for using coding scales - 1 day
Minutes to completeDuration of a home visit (15-90 minutes)
# of items25 for Home Visit Practices; 18 for Family Engagement
CostTraining cost $150-$200/person
Adaptation for AIAN useAdaptedNo
Developer allows adaptation?
Used with AIAN populations?None documented
AIAN: Cronbach's alpha rangeNot yet available
AIAN: Evidence of validityNot yet available
Other populations: Cronbach's alpha range.69 to .91 across subscales
Other populations: Evidence of validity
SourceDeveloperDevelopmental parenting approach (Roggman, Boyce, & Innocenti, 2008)
SummaryComments about sensitivity to change
General remarks