Student-Teacher Relationship Scale

Measure DescriptionSource of measure Pianta, 1992
Mode of administration Teacher report
Age range for use Teachers
Domains Assessed Conflict, dependence, cohesion
Related Measures
BurdenTraining needed to administerMinimal staff training required. Staff need to be familiar with all items before adminstering this self-report measure.
Minutes to complete 10
# of items 28
Adaptation for AIAN useAdapted No
Developer allows adaptation? Not known
Used with AIAN populations? Yes
AIAN: Cronbach's alpha range .67-.91 (reported by Michigan State University)
AIAN: Evidence of validity Not yet available
Other populations: Cronbach's alpha range.84-.85
Other populations: Evidence of validity
SourceDeveloper Pianta, 1992
SummaryComments about sensitivity to change
General remarks Reliability for Conflict and Cohesion were much higher (.83 to .91) than for Dependence (generally between .65 and .67 for our project).